Agriturismo tipico ad Orvieto
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A park, a garden in a natural oasis just 8 kms from Orvieto

Sossogna farmhouse has been providing holiday accommodation since 1986. Nestled deep in the rural Sossogna valley, the farm is just 8 kms far from Orvieto in Umbria and close to the borders with Tuscany and Lazio.

It’s just 1 km from the ancient borough of Rocca Ripesena.

Sossogna offers accommodation in two typical apartments with 4 to 6 beds. The apartments, one on the North side and the other on the South, are located in a typical stone farmhouse, partially built in the 1800’s.

The circular pool 8 meters in diameter and 1.10 meters deep, is located between the area reserved for the house and the one dedicated to the camping.

The unspoilt nature surrounding Sossogna is made of woods, trails, streams and natural springs of pure water. A great place to relax and rediscover the pleasures of living in harmony with nature.

Sossogna also offers a camping area for 6 tents or caravans just 50 meters from the house, characterized by terraces and shaded glades.

Sossogna, an oasis in an ancient valley



Orvieto, Umbria – Italy


8 kms from Orvieto


Rocca-Ripesena il borgo

800 mts from the village of Rocca Ripesena, the “Town of the Roses”

Rocca Ripesena

View from the street to the farmhouse