Agriturismo tipico ad Orvieto
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Through the Sossogna farm gush three water sources, one of which has always been known and appreciated in the area for the lightness, cleansing and diuretic properties of its waters.

The water of this spring fills a deep tub about 0.60 mt. and with a diameter of about 4 mt. which can be used in various ways: as a regenerating bath, to reinvigorate tired legs, for children to play, the simple enjoyment of cooling during the summer heat, not to mention the ability to tap directly to the source for always fresh and clean water.

The coolness of the waters from the various sources that the intersections and southern exposure creates a particularly favorable climate to the growth of the remarkable trees and the rich undergrowth inhabited by numerous animal species.

Respect for nature, the protection of local species of the natural environment care, human testimonies represented by dry stone walls that characterize much of the farm and 20 years of work done with love that give the opportunity to enhance this oasis and make it accessible and livable to guests. A varied territory rich in sunny and shady nooks and corners complete with benches and tables where everyone can find a place of inner peace.

A signposted path leads directly from the house through the hills of Orvieto in medieval castles and monasteries. Maps of trails and surrounding areas and information materials are available to guests.


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