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Pests that Threaten Your Home

A large investment meant for a lifetime.

A home is a very large investment that is often meant to last forever. However, “forever”, often doesn’t come due to a pest that threatens your home. The average home cost an individual over $185.000, this is a very conservative price quote. Some homes are upwards of several million dollars. When an individual works to own a home and it is invaded and attacked by pests the effects can be awful. Pests and BeesNThings pest control is the only answer.

The thousands of dollars that it takes to repair a home from these types of attacks’ can be astronomical. Often homes are left unrepairable from pest attacks such as Carpenter bee traps, Beetles, Moths, Ants, just to name a few. Some of these pests can be very dangerous. A home owner won’t want to be living with poisons spiders or insects that can make them sick. You won’t want to share your place of comfort with a pest that cost you your hard earned money.

A home that has damage from termites can make the home worth just a fraction of what it once was worth. Homes that are placed on the real-estate market often are later found to have termite damage. Termite damage will turn away a prospective buyer. There have been cases were a home owner isn’t even aware that their home is infested. New homes and old homes are not discerned by these insects. Pests like moths can eat all the wall coverings that you payed thousands of dollars to purchase. Cloths and expensive fabrics can all fall victim to moths.

A home invaded by Cockroaches can be a breeding ground for sickness. Roaches leave nasty infectious bacteria in their feces. The feces can build up over the years and make the inside of the home deadly. Often the elderly are affected due to low immune systems. Roaches can cause serious problems left untreated.

Upholstery on furniture is another causality that is attacked by hungry pests. Pests don’t discriminate and they don’t care what price or neighborhood they invade. 

Invasion often is unnoticed until every home in the neighborhood is infiltrated. In this modern age concerns for the environment have allowed for new improved methods to get rid of these nasty pests. 

Environmental friendly solutions are available for most pest problems. Often these solutions are low costs and very affordable.

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