Dangerous Pests

Treatments to eradicate pests from the home.

The environmental aspects of pest removal are very important. Treatments of the past have been known to cause an impact on the Earth’s resources. Environmental friendly pest removal methods have been around for hundreds of years. When dealing with pest removal this method is really the only solution that doesn’t cause long term damage.

Treatments to remove Cockroaches.

Roaches are a pain in the tail. Removing roaches is easy if you understand the pest and its likes and dislikes. Roaches are attracted to food that is left out. Dog food is one of Cockroaches best snacks. Children often leave crumbs of food in and around the house causing a roach problem. Wet places like basements, laundry rooms and even under cabinets that have plumbing leaks can be a roach hotel. Knowing where to find these pests can be the difference between getting them gone and being infested. Roaches are insects that love dirty and unclean places.

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Recipe of death for Cockroaches.

To start lets mix one part borax powder with one part sugar into a paste. The paste should be about the consistency of peanut butter. Apply small amounts of this paste around damp wet places were roaches hide. Basements and behind stoves and refrigerators are great places to place this roach bate. Another solution is to go to your local hardware store and ask for some diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth will kill all roaches that cross its path. This well-known treatment has to be applied in an unbroken line across paths that roaches usually crawl. When a roach crosses this deadly path the roach gets some of the diatomaceous earth on its body parts. The diatomaceous earth gets between the roaches joints and cuts into their armored body resulting in death. This method is excellent to remove roaches around homes with pets and small children.