Carpenter Bee Removal Remedy

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Carpenter Bees are those big bees that love to act as if they are drills. Carpenter Bees drill holes in wood. To get rid of these pesky pests the following remedy is environmentally friendly. One of the best an actually fun method for some individuals is swatting these annoying pests using bee traps. The idea of swatting these pests can be difficult for some people. However, think about what these pests do to your home. Killing Carpenter Bees this way is highly effective. Care must be taken to not get stung by a female Bee, males can’t sting.

Plugging holes with fresh paint and caulk can slow the bees down. Another method is to mix citronella oil with stain and apply to places that the bees are drilling.
One last tactic would be to offer a sacrifice to the bees by use of a piece of softwood. Softwood like cedar and redwood are the perfect choices. The Bees will go after a soft wood much more then harder woods like on the outside of homes. After the Bees drill holes you can take caulk and seal them inside. Bees that are really pesky can be hard to get rid of permanently. Often with Bees you must be content in just controlling them to a trickle.

More pest remedies.

Termites the wood eating threat to all homes.
Termites can be difficult to even detect. Often it takes a real professional to see if you have termites. Termites can invade a whole neighborhood overnight. Often the only sign visible is when you visually see these pests crawling up a wall. Often the termites have been present for many years in the home. Termites often are caused from wood that was milled from infested trees. Lumber yards often n don’t check their source and end up with contaminated wood. The result of this overlook is infestation. Often trees outside in the yard will be the source of an infestation.

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The Termite remedy.

A first line of defense is finding the source of the infestation. Infestations sources can be tough to locate. Starts by looking under floors and in basements were beams are exposed. Attics are also great places to examine for termite infestation sources. Outside in the yard such as firewood pile, old trees, even live trees can show a large infestation.

Once again Boric acid comes to the rescue by killing the termites. Boric acid gets into the termites exoskeleton and causes it to breakdown the results are dead termites. Boric acid comes in a powder and should be sprinkled liberally on termite areas of infestation.