Pest Descriptions and Information

Dangerous pests can cause real serious problems for the home owner. Bugs like Black Widows can bite and cause loss of life. 

There are even more pests that are overlooked by most homeowners. It is a fact that pests can make are dream home become a cage of doom. 

Living inside the walls can be a whole colony of active pests that want nothing more than to eat and destroy the home they reside. 

Basements and cool damp places can be a harbor that is open to every pest that wishes for a great place to live. Types of pests.

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honey bees, insects, hive-401238.jpg

Carpenter Bees have a little nasty habit of boring holes into wood. The holes that these Bees make often amount to large areas. Carpenter Bees will bore so many holes that the structure of the home becomes compromised.

Literally there have been homes that have structurally failed due to these types of pests. Historical homes that are historically deemed as landmarks often are unrepairable due to what pests have done to the home.

One of the best things a home owner can do is protect their investment from these types of invasions .

Termites and other pest.

Termites are another pest that left untreated will destroy a home. Termites are nasty little winged-like ants that have a taste for wood and many other things. Termites are in the family of cockroaches. Termites not only eat wood but leather, and many other types of products. Termites can eat your beautiful furniture along with your leather jacket. Termites will destroy a home very quickly and contents are also part of the victims.

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Carpenter Ants.

Carpenter Ants are another undesirable that will cause thousands in damage if not stopped in their tracks. Carpenter ants are ants that eat wood. Unlike their name carpenter ants aren’t carpenters, they are chainsaws that have gone wild. Carpenter ants will level a home left unchecked.

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Other Pests.

Insects and pests of almost unimaginable traits can cause a home damage. Ants, moths, beetle to name a few will be a home owner’s nightmare. Protecting your home should be a first line of defense. Home defense can be environmentally friendly. The environment is important for us all. However in this modern age most if not all of these types of pests can be removed from your home. New and improved ways have become available to control these pests.