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More Pest Remedies

Orange spray made from Orange oil can be very affective on termites. Orange Oil has D-Limonene in its chemical makeup. The D-Limonene breaks down the termites’ skeleton killing it quickly. Heat from the sun directly imposed on the termites can cause them to die by disrupting their life cycles. Electrocution and freezing are some of the other methods recently found effective on these bugs. Effective environmental means of defense against termites have also been the use of other predator insect. A real professional should be used to employ this tactic. Other insects such as spiders are used to kill off termite populations.

Moths the insect that eats your cloths.

Getting rid of moths is actually simple if you understand the nature of a moth. Moths don’t eat your cloths, moth larvae do eat your cloths. When you see a moth flying around don’t panic those types of moths don’t mean disaster is eminent. Moths that matter are the larvae from the flying ones. The larvae eat cloths and fabrics. Fine silks and furs really are on the moths list for fine dining. To get rid of these flying pests follow these simple environmental friendly procedures.

Make a moth trap by filling a jar half full with water and suspending a light over the jar. Put the trap somewhere that moths gravitate around. The moths will fly to be near the light and land in the water effectively drowning. Another fine remedy is to use cucumbers against moth infestation. Cucumbers’ are hated by moths and many other insects. Cucumbers’ peels the sourer the better work wonders. Things like moth balls have been used in the past and really are not effective as once thought. Mothballs also are poisonous to children and pets. The smell that moth balls leave is very unpleasant. If you must get a pest electronic zapper and the moths will naturally go to the zapper.

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